Crazy Fingers Design Group, Inc
Crazy Fingers

About Crazy fingers:

Rates and Fees

Crazy Fingers charges between $80-160 per hour depending on the service category.

We offer a free one-hour consultation for new clients, and present a detailed proposal with firm deliverables and not-to-exceed pricing for the entire project.

We bill by the hour in 15-minute increments based on an estimate with specific deliverables. We have never been over budget without a client-approved change to the scope of work.

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Hourly Rates

Strategy, Creative Direction & Consulting: $160
Analysis, vision and strategy for the project.

Art Direction and Design: $120
Creating the look and feel for a specific piece, or an entire campaign.

Photography: $120
Rate is for travel, set-up, shoot and post-production. You own the images.

Programming and Information Architecture: $120
For interactive implementations, this is the scripting that "makes it go."

Copywriting: $120

Production: $80
Flowing text, and applying content to a design.

Campaign Management & Account Service: $80